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Prof. Ravindra Bhan

Lecture & Seminars

1974, April.2:        Maharastra: Lecture: Hindustan Organic Ltd. Prof. Rasyani Kolaba.

1976:                     An Ecological Planning study for Hyderabad Metropolitan Area.

1980, July:            Ecological Aspect of Planning Nirman Bhavan.

1981, March.16:   Delhi Urban Art Commission Member, Committee on Landscaping

1981, Nov.14:       Lecture Dept. Of Architecture & Regional Planning, Kharagpur,


1981, Dec.11:        Member India International Centre Environmental Group

(Chairperson Kamladevi Chattopadthyay)

1982, Jan.4:          Workshop on Environmental Parameters in the planning of town and

city.(Bijit Ghosh)

1982, July.12:       Advisor, Delhi Urban Arts Commission.

1982, Dec.20:        Short Term Landscaping Course Sponsorship University Grant

Commission; two lectures landscape

Evaluation and Analysis: Landscape Planning Methodology.

1983, Nov.15:       Meeting regarding course structure, Indian Institute of Technology,

Kharagpur, Calcutta.

1984, Mar.6-10:     IFLA 3rd Eastern Regional Conference. “Urban Explosion in Asia”.

1984, March:        3rd IFLA Eastern Regional Conference Hongkong.

1984:                     A+D Magazine Editorial Board.

1984, June:          Wildlife, Conservation Society of India- member executive committee.

1984, June:          Nomination by Executive Council of SPA, Merit Promotion Committee

for the Department of Landscape Architecture, SPA

1985-87:                Nomination on Doctorial  Programme for two year SPA.

1985, March:        Academy of Architecture Bombay course in Landscape Arch.

1985:                     Advisor Delhi Urban Arts Commission.

1985, March:        National Thermal Power Corporation, Sangrauli, Lecture     

1985, May:            P.W.D- Trivandrum course Landscape Architecture.

1985, Oct:             HUDCO Research studies in Landscape committee.

1985, Nov:            Short-term course on Environmental Planning; Centre for

Environmental Studies SPA.

1985, Nov:            Urban and Regional Planning SPA. Lecture: Short-term course on

site planning.

1986:                     Urban Design Classes.

1986, Jan:             Indian Institute of Architects, Nagpur Centre- National Seminar on

Landscape Architecture, lecture.

1986, Jan.24-26:  National Seminar: Keynote address: Impact of Technology on

Architecture and Society, Indian Institute of Architects, Nagpur.

1986, Jan.9:          Inaugural Lecture: Landscape Architecture and Environment;

Jawahar Lal Nehru Technological University, Hyderabad.

1986,Dec.28-29:   Association of Architects and Engineers, Kolhapur- Maharashtra.

Landscape and Environmental Architecture in the city.

1986,Dec:             Tata Energy Research Institute, New Delhi; Energy Efficient Building


1986,Dec:             Seminar in Kolhapur.

1987,Jan:              Short course in Landscape Architecture, Social Forestry Dept.


1987,Dec.18:        Centre for Environmental Studies. Lecture- Landscape Architecture

as a part of overall Design Process.

1988,Mar.30:         Member Board of Studies; Dept. of Urban Design. S.P.A.  

1988,Aug.02:         Member Research Advisor of Committee of Centre for Research.

Documentation and Training of Institute of Town Planners India.  


1988,Dec.20:        Lecture Environmental Conservation of Natural System. Deptt. Of

Conservation, S.P.A.

1988,Oct:              Date of Telecast, Doordarshan

1989,Mar.20:         Ministry of the Human Resource, Export on Selection Committee of

School of Planning, Arch.

1989,March:         Landscape Environment Keynote Speaker. Institute of Engineers

India’s Fourth National Convention.

1989,June.19:      Member Technical Committee Antarctic Study Centre at Goa Govt. of

India, Department of Ocean Development.

1989,Aug.15:        Dept. Of Urban Design 2:00PM-4:00PM

1989,Jan:              Member Doctorial Committee.

1989,Dec:             D.D.A working group member of Papankala Township

1989,Dec:             Expert member board of studies Architectural conversation

1990:                     Export Board of Studies on Architectural Conservation

1990,July:             Vidhya Bharti Educational Society, Delhi, Member Advisory Council

for the school of Habitat Studies.

1990,Sept:            Academy of Architecture- Seminar on Landscape Design, Bombay

1990,Sept:            Institute of Town Planners Member Research Advisory Committee.

1990,Nov.10:        Indian Institute of Interior Designers, Pune. Lecture on Landscape

Architecture: Relevance of Plant Material.

1990:                     HUDCO Art Committee Member.

1990-92:                Dept. of Urban Design Classes, SPA.

1990:                     Visiting Professor, Urban Design SPA.

1990,Dec:             Workshop on Landscape Designing for NASA 90th Convention,


1990,Dec-1992:    Board Expert of Studies of the Dept. of Conservation SPA 

1990-91:                Nominated member Delhi Ridge Committee.

1991,Jan.26:         Seminar Landscape Architecture; Academy of Architecture, Bombay.

1991,Feb.21:         Lecture on Shakti Sthala, Faculty of Environmental Slides University

College London.(Cho padamsee)

1991,Mar:              Dept. of Architecture, Regional Engineering of Tiruchy.

1991,April:            Member Technical Advisory Committee for financing urban

infrastructural scheme HUDCO.

1991,April:            Built India Corporate Communications. Theme- Bombay first addition.

Bi-monthly video magazine.

1991,April:            Member Committee- introduction of M-tech course in Landscape

Architecture at CEPT Ahmedabad.

1991,May:             One day Workshop as a sequel to Rejuvenation of Connaught

Place-as a committee member.

1991,Aug-92,Jan: Visiting Professor of Urban Design 

1991,Oct:              Lecture- TVB School of Habitat Studies. Ecology as the determinant

of land use in cities.

1991,Nov:             Rejuvenation of Connaught Place, Seminar-NDMC.

1992,Feb:             Role of Landscape in Environmental Design Dept. of Environmental

Planning SPA

1992,April:            Lecture- City level Landscape, Dept. of Physical Planning. SPA

1992,May.20:        Nominated on the committee for Doctorial programme for two

years with effect.1st April 1992- 31st March 1994.

1992,May:             Dept. of Urban Design Lectures.

1992,June:           New Delhi, Municipal Committee. Lecture on Landscaping around

buildings and roads.

1992,July:            Manipal Institute of Technology. Dept. of Architecture, Lecture on

Landscape Architecture Arch.

1992,Aug-93,Nov:Visiting Professor Dept. of Urban Design.

1992,Dec:             Conversation in Landscape Design and Environmental Planning

CPWD Training Institute.

1992:                     Dept. of Urban Design Classes.

1992-94:               Member Expert on Board of Studies Dept.of Conservation.

1993,Feb:             Short-term course Landscape for Industry (Inaugural Address)

1993:                     Maharani Bagh, Lecture women polytechnic: Landscape

Architecture in Interiors.

1993,Feb:             Environmental Actions Conference by Earth Foundation.

1993,May:             Seminar Childs Right to Play. College of Home Science (Shreemati

Nalhibai Damodar Thackrey, Pune).

1993,Dec.22:        Group member Regional and Ecological Issue for Development.

Plan for Bhopal.

1994,Feb:             Metallurgical and Engineering Consultants India Ltd. Ranchi

Lecture on Landscape Architecture.

1994,Feb:             Nominated member on General Council of the School of Planning

1994,Feb:             Dept. of Urban Design Classes. Site Planning.

1994,Feb:             Metropolitan Landscape. Emerging issues in Design and

Maintenance. Dept. of Urban Planning SPA Lecture.

1994,Mar:             Workshop Sustainable Development in Urban Area; Topic-

Environmental Management and Planning of Urban Area, Dept. of

Environmental Planning.

1995,oct:              Workshop: School of Architecture; Institute of Environmental Design

Vallabh Vidhyanagar, Gujarat.

1996,Nov:             Lecture School of Architecture, Chandigarh- Ayodhaya Ghats.

1996,Dec:             Tutor on training programme for Structural conservation. The British

Council, New Delhi.

1997,Feb:             Guest Speaker at the Seminar Working with Nature- Chandigarh Low

Cost and Benefit Landscaping

1997,Feb:             Chief Guest at Annual Convention of U.P. Architects Association,


1997,May:             Chandigarh College of Architecture: Lecture on Landscape


1997:                     Park Expert on D.D.A Management Committee.

1997,Aug-98,Jan:Visiting Professor Urban Design.

1999,Mar:             Guest of Honour- 50 years of Indian Architecture and Planning

(Council of Architecture and SPA) Environmental Sensitivity.

1999,Mar:             Group on Environmental and Pollution D.D.A.

1999,April:            International Hotels, Complex Vasant Vihar. D.D.A.

1999,May:             Accessor, Design Competition for Housing D.D.A.

1999,June:           Architectural, Competition for marketing and slate-eg. Delhi

Slate Industrial Corp. Ltd.

1999,June:           Convener Expert Committee on the fee structure for L.A-

Constituted by Council of Architecture.

1999,Oct:              Delhi Government member High Power Aesthetic Committee.

1999,Nov:             Visiting Professor. Dept. of Urban Design.

2000,Jan:             Visiting Professor. Dept. of Urban Design.

2000,Feb:             Declaration Guide SPA

2000,Feb-April:    Inspector Madhav Institute of Technology, Gwalior, Council of

Architecture- an all India Board of Architectural Education-

appointed expert.

2000,Apr-Mar.02: Doctorial Programme SPA.

2000,Apr:              3rd Northern Regional Conference of Architects at Noida-

Landscape Architecture in India  Presentation.

2000,Apr:              Site, Planning Lecture Council of Architecture Noida.

2000,May:             Site Planning and Landscape – Lecture Council of Architecture


2000,June:           Lecture at Chandigarh- Site Planning and Landscaping- Council of

                              Architecture continuing Education Programme.  

2000,July:             Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University, Jammu Brand of Accessories.

2000,Aug-01.Jan: Visiting Professor Urban Design

2000,Dec:             XVII National Convention The Indian Institute of Architects- West


2001,April:            I.I.A Pune Centri Lecture.

2001,Sept:            National Board of Association, CEPT Ahmedabad.

2001,Dec:             Site Planning Workshop CEPT Ahmedabad.

2001,Dec:             Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee inspection (Council of

Architecture) All Indian Board of Architecture and Town Planning   

Education (AIBATPE)

2002,Feb:             Use of Natural Stone in Landscaping: Seminar organized

internationally by All India Granite Stones Association, Bangalore.

2002,Jun-2004:    Member, Multi-Disciplinary Committee constituted by committee for

Doctorial programme.

2002:                     Architecture Seminar Stona, Bangalore.

2002:                     Chief Guest Open Space Planning in Chandigarh Le-Cobusier Day

college of Architecture. 

2002,Nov:             Workshop on Development area around Humayun Tomb, CPWD

Training Institute.

2002,Dec:             Chandigarh Conclave: The Indian Express Seminar on Town

Planning, Open Space Structure in Cities.

2003,Dec:             Dept. of Landscape Arch SPA visiting professor.

2003:                     Visting Professor Deptt. Of Landscape Architectre.

2004,Feb-06,Feb:Doctorial Committee, Nomination Programme, SPA

2005,Oct:              Videsh Bhavan, Ministry of External Affairs Limited Architectural


2007:                      XXIV Convocation, School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi

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