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Prof. Ravindra Bhan

Membership & Advisory Consultant

1974 –1990:           Foreign Correspondent  “Anthos” Landscape Architects Quarterly, Zurich.

Present- 1974:       Member, eastern Region Publication and Editorial Committee of International Federation of Landscape   


1975:                      Member, Committee of Regional Parks, Delhi Urban Arts Commission.

1981, March16:     Delhi Urban Art Commission Member, Committee on Landscaping.

1981, Dec.11:        Member India International Centre Environmental Group (Chairperson Kamladevi Chattopadthyay)

Present – 1981:     Member, “Rohini” Project Board, Delhi Development Authority.

1981-1988:            Advisor, Delhi Urban Arts Commission.

1982, July12:        Advisor, Delhi Urban Arts Commission.

1984:                     A+D Magazine Editorial Board.

1984,June:            Wildlife, Conservation Society of India- member executive committee.

1984,June:            Nomination by Executive Council of SPA, Merit Promotion Committee for the

                              Department of Landscape Architecture, SPA.

1985-87:                Nomination on Doctorial Programme for two years SPA.

1985:                     Advisor Delhi Urban Arts Commission.

Present-1985:       Member, Executive Committee ICOMOS, India

1985,Oct:              HUDCO Research studies in Landscape committee.

Present-1988:       Member, Delhi Urban Art Commission.

1988,March30:     Member Board of Studies; Dept. of Urban Design. S.P.A. 

1988, Aug2:          Member Research Advisor of Committee of Centre for Research. Documentation and Training of 

                              Institute of Town Planners India. 1988-89.

1989,Jan:              Member Doctorial Committee.

1989,March20:     Ministry of the Human Resource, Expert on Selection Committee of School of Planning, Arch.

1989,June19:        Member Technical Committee Antarctic Study Centre at Goa Govt. of India, 

                              Department of Ocean Development

1989,Dec:             D.D.A working group member of Papankala Township.

1989,Dec:             Expert member board of studies Architectural conversation

1990:                     Export Board of Studies on Architectural Conservation.

1990,July:             Vidhya Bharti Educational Society, Delhi, Member Advisory Council for the school

                              of Habitat Studies.

1990,Sept.:           Institute of Town Planners Member Research Advisory Committee.

1990:                     HUDCO Art Committee Member.

1990,Dec-1992,Dec:  Board Expert of Studies of the Dept. of Conservation SPA 

1990-91:                 Nominated member Delhi Ridge Committee.

Present – 1991:      Member of Art Committee of Habitat Art Forum of India, Habitat Centre Expert member, Infrastructure  

                                Project Evaluation Committee, HUDCO.

Present – 1991:      Consultant of HUDCO.

1991,April:              Member Technical Advisory Committee for financing urban infrastructural scheme HUDCO.

1991,April:              Member Committee- introduction of M-tech course in Landscape Architecture at CEPT Ahmedabad.

1991,May:               One day Workshop as a sequel to Rejuvenation of Connaught Place-as a committee member.

1992,May20:           Nominated on the committee for Doctorial programme for two years with effect.1st April 1992- 31st 

                                 March 1994.

1993,Dec.22:          Group member Regional and Ecological Issue for Development. Plan for Bhopal.

1993:                       Member, Delhi Ridge Committee.

1994,Sept:               Rajghat Concept Committee Member.

1994,Feb:                Nominated member on General Council of the School of Planning.

1995 April:               Member of the committee for Development of Landscape garden and Heritage food

                                 Complex along the Necklace Road. Skirting Hussain Sagar Lake, Hyderabad.

1995,June30:           Member of the Committee for finalization of Policy on Urban and Rural Settlement.

                                  Management and Housing and Environmental Dept. Govt. of M.P.

1997:                        Park Expert on D.D.A Management Committee.

1997,Feb:                 Chief Guest at Annual Convention of U.P. Architects Association, Noida.

1999,June:                Convener Expert Committee on the fee structure for L.A- Constituted by Council of Architecture.

1999,Oct:                  Delhi Government member High Power Aesthetic Committee.

2000,April-2002, March: Doctorial Programme SPA.

2002,June-2004:       Member, Multi-Disciplinary Committee constituted by committee for Doctorial programme.

2004,Feb-06, Feb:     Doctorial Committee, Nomination Programme, SPA

                                   Vice-President, National Committee ICOMOS, India.

                                   Member, Group of Experts on Environmental Planning and

                                   Construction of Buildings for Lakshadweep, Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

                                   Advisor, National Martyrs Memorial Committee, Hussainiwala.

                                   Member, Committee to advise the Government of India on memorial for Smt. Indira Gandhi.

                                   Member, Expert Committee to advise on the modifications to Central Secretariat, Parliament House & Rashtrapati Bhavan

                                   and other government buildings in New Delhi.

                                   Member, International Committee for Historical Gardens, ICOMOS, Belgium.

                                   Member, Executive Committee, Delhi Environmental Group, India International Centre, New Delhi.

                                   Advisor, Delhi Development Authority for the formation of Master Plan for DWARKA Township (13 lacks).

                                   Member, ICOMOS (International Council of Monuments & Sites, France).

                                   Life Member, World Wild Life Fund, India.

                                   Life Member, Bombay Natural History Society.

                                   Member, Wild Life Preservation Society Of India.

                                   Member, Executive Committee Wild life Society Of India.

                                   Member, Indian Heritage Society, New Delhi, India.




Oct.1988:                        Date of Telecast, Doordarshan

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